Jared and Stacie. The Proposal!

This day was one of my favorite days ever! I am not sure if this proposal could have gone over better. Jared and Stacie had come to “her spot” that overlooks the Salt Lake Valley and Oquirrh Mountain LDS Temple.

Proposal -5
The team of us were all in place. Yup, TEAM of us. There was our trusty look out, the videographer, and flower set up guy, and myself! We were all staged and ready, when Stacie and Jared sat down on their special granite bench. They talked for a bit, snuggled for a bit without Stacie even knowing what was coming. They got up and started walking towards Jared’s car. That is when our look out gal texted the code word. It was our cue! The flowers were quickly set up, the hidden go pro was placed half hidden in the snow, and we took our places.

Jared had “forgotten” something at the bench. When they rounded the corner hand in hand, this is what they saw.

Proposal -10
Jared got down on one knee, to ask the beautiful girl he loves, if they could spend the rest of their lives in an adventure together….. and I cried. It was beautiful.

Proposal -11 Proposal -15 Proposal -21 Proposal -23 Proposal -24 Proposal -25
And she said yes.

Proposal -28 Proposal -31 Proposal -35
It was such an honor to be able to capture such a special moment. Truly. An. Honor.

If you are getting engaged soon, and think you want your proposal captured, let me know! It would melt my heart to help make these memories last a lifetime.



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