Kristil and Jantzen

K&J Engagements-091I was traveling in Ireland and emailing back and forth to Kristil, setting up out time to Skype to talk about their upcoming wedding! We were halfway around the world when we met. I love the power of technology! While I was gone, Skype became my best friend to keep meeting and staying in touch with my couples.

They were sitting side by side in Jantzen’s apartment, surrounded by the life of college! School logos on their shirts, books and back packs in the corner and roommates coming in from class. Can I just tell you how much I loved those sweet college years? Not the staying up to 3am writing papers and getting homework done, but the freedom and excitement of being on campus. Oh I miss it!

Jantzen and Kristil are planning a beautiful June wedding and I feel like the luckiest photographer to get to celebrate with them. Jantzen adores Kristil. It is easy to tell that this guy is head over heels for her. And how could he not be? This girl has a laugh that is infectious and a smile that radiates from ear to ear. I am thrilled to be shooting their Formal session and Wedding soon! For now, I will just have to adore their lovely engagements.

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