Kylie and Clay. Thanksgiving Point Engagements.


Kylie and Clay are such a great couple. They have known each other for a few years and wil be getting married towards the end of April. I truly enjoyed being around them and they were such great sports as I dragged them around all sorts of muddy Utah fields. I can’t wait for their wedding day. I know it is going to absolutely beautiful. Engagements-167 Engagements-163 Engagements-160 Engagements-152 Engagements-145 Engagements-142 Engagements-129 Engagements-105 Engagements-96 Engagements-83 Engagements-79 Engagements-53 Engagements-48 Engagements-38 Engagements-36 Engagements-31 Engagements-28 Engagements-17 Engagements-15

Kylie and Clay really enjoy snuggling up and watching a great movie together. They knew some people at the Megaplex at Thanksgiving Point to let us into one of their theaters between showings for a few minutes to capture a few great movie magic images.

Engagements-3 Engagements-10 Engagements-4 Engagements-1 Engagements-9



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