Lauren and Tony. Utah Wedding Photographer.

It was such a cool crisp morning in late November, cool enough that you want to turn the defroster on your car to melt away the slight bits of frost. It was a perfect glowing morning for Lauren and Tony’s wedding day in American Fork, Utah.  You know the saying that “at least one thing has to go wrong on a wedding day”?  (For my wedding day, it was the whole bridal party showing up late to the reception because of my poor planning on drive time!) But for Lauren and Tony, there really wasn’t a single thing. The day went so smoothly, filled with memories and laughter by loved ones!

I loved Lauren’s custom made lace dress with sheer long sleeves and flower details and I oozed over their gorgeous ring made of matching rose gold.  AND if there is any part of the wedding day that makes me shed a tear, it is always the first look! Tony’s face was lit with joy as he saw his beautiful Lauren as his Bride right before their ceremony. Both sides of the family seemed as one as they celebrated their loved ones union. From the genuine and emotional toast, you can tell how cherished Lauren and Tony. These families were  joyous to welcome a new member into their lives! Tony is strong, but has a gentle sweet character with fits wonderfully with Lauren’s caring and sincere disposition.

Wedding-4 Wedding-15 Wedding-29 Wedding-30 Wedding-33 Wedding-44 Wedding-48 Wedding-20 Wedding-18 Wedding-22

I still cannot get over their rings!

Wedding-5 Wedding-59 Wedding-65 Wedding-58 Wedding-64 Wedding-77 Wedding-85 Wedding-91 Wedding-97 Wedding-107 Wedding-108 Wedding-224 Wedding-232 Wedding-240 Wedding-256 Wedding-260 Wedding-265

This is one of my favorites from the whole day!


And Lauren, you are a beautiful bride. Wedding-272 Wedding-278 Wedding-288 Wedding-289 Wedding-302 Wedding-307

Highland Gardens treated us all so well! If you are getting married in American Fork, you should check this place out. It was beautiful! And with all of Lauren’s details, it was all the more gorgeous.

Wedding-309 Wedding-313

This cane has a special family significance. It was Tony’s grandfathers cane that his Dad had during the day.

Wedding-324 Wedding-330 Wedding-356 Wedding-372 Wedding-375

This makes my heart melt to see how Tony looks at his wife.

Wedding-384 Wedding-385Wedding-663 Wedding-518 Wedding-392 Wedding-405 Wedding-407 Wedding-469 Wedding-461

AND I cannot go without mentioning something about this stunning cake. One of Lauren’s bridesmaids, Lexi, made it! I have never seen a cake be eaten so fast! I am sure it was as delicious as it looked!

Wedding-490 Wedding-522 Wedding-531 Wedding-530 Wedding-538 Wedding-540 Wedding-544 Wedding-549 Wedding-563 Wedding-571 Wedding-590 Wedding-598 Wedding-612 Wedding-622 Wedding-633 Wedding-639 Wedding-653 Wedding-654 Wedding-656

 I am blessed to have been with these guys on such a special day. Congrats to you both and I hope you have many happy years ahead!



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