Michelle + Kevin | Engaged!

The weather has been warming up and we all have been itching for spring. People were out and about on the lake, canoes in hand, camping chairs and fishing poles set up. Michelle and Kevin got out of their car in the parking lot of Tibble Fork. Thank goodness they did. It was easy to spot them in a suit and dress, perfect paired together.  I have a “spill” I give each engagement couple that I get to photograph. I want each couple to know that it is ok if you feel nervous before a session! I get that way every time I step in front of the camera. Don’t believe me, just ask Logan and Amy.

However, Michelle and Kevin acted like pros. They did not seem in the least bit nervous at all! They let me know that they have seen my work, and trust me to make the session a success. Insert sigh of relief. I love to hear this from my brides and grooms! I got my “romantic-game-face” on and started to work my magic with this beautiful light with this beautiful couple.


A little bit of fate helped to get these two to meet since Michelle has been going to school in Idaho and Kevin has been in Utah. Michelle would come home to Utah on breaks in school. Her dad was serving as a church leader of the congregation Kevin went to. The same congregations that Michelle would go to on he breaks last year. They each caught eyes during these times and the two started dating. By Christmas these two knew they wanted to tie the knot but waited a little while longer to make it official.

Engagements-057 Engagements-075 Engagements-097 Engagements-105

I could not believe how much glow this light had. It was spectacular to shoot in.  I mean really. Not to mention that these two were all smiles all night long. 🙂

About halfway through our session, I told Michelle and Kevin to look out towards the lake and laugh. This usually gets the couple to chuckle a little bit. But these two started to really crack up. That is when I realize something else was going on. I turned around to see what they were looking at. There was a clown in head to toe costume, wading out in the lake with a handful of balloons. By far the most random thing that has ever happened during a session. So so random.  But lead to cute pictures. 🙂 Thank you Mr. Clown.

Engagements-127 Engagements-135

This girl is stunning. I cannot wait to see her in he wedding dress as a bride. I am sure Kevin cannot wait either.

Engagements-141 Engagements-167
Kevin and Michelle are playful and fun. They laugh and enjoy the small memories they make together.  I love genuine moments like this.

Engagements-171 Engagements-173 Engagements-177 Engagements-187

Kevin and Michelle picked out this gorgeous ring together. It is brilliant.

Engagements-199 Engagements-207 Engagements-219 Engagements-233 Engagements-249 Engagements-279 Engagements-309 Engagements-313 Engagements-319 Engagements-325
I feel honored to help celebrate this time in Kevin and Michelle’s life. I felt an instant friendship with these two. They are so easy going, great to talk to, and make people feel so comfortable around them. Congrats you guys!



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