Russ and Kim. Bountiful Utah Wedding.

She is from Utah and he is from Australia. They met, fell in love, and then got married. Kim and Russell merged with families together on a beautiful February day surrounded by their extremely close friends and family members. It was one of the smallest weddings I have ever been to, but it did not lack in love or celebration.

Kim&Russ-11Kim&Russ-17Kim&Russ-9Kim&Russ-24 Kim&Russ-30 Kim&Russ-35 Kim&Russ-56 Kim&Russ-63 Kim&Russ-66 Kim&Russ-173 Kim&Russ-189 Kim&Russ-226 Kim&Russ-239 Kim&Russ-250 Kim&Russ-257 Kim&Russ-261 Kim&Russ-289 Kim&Russ-529Kim&Russ-300 Kim&Russ-307 Kim&Russ-312 Kim&Russ-327 Kim&Russ-345 Kim&Russ-350 Kim&Russ-360 Kim&Russ-372 Kim&Russ-388 Kim&Russ-393 Kim&Russ-420 Kim&Russ-447 Kim&Russ-462 Kim&Russ-548Kim&Russ-553Kim&Russ-511Kim&Russ-515Kim&Russ-574Kim&Russ-588Kim&Russ-541Kim&Russ-530



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