Talana and Paul. Engaged.

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I started to see the dark, rain heavy clouds rolling in when I was at work. I began to think to myself, (and out loud to my co-workers), “No, come on, not today! Any day next week, but not today.”  Today was the day that I am suppose to take Talana and Pauls engagements. Not only that, but also Talana’s family pictures (who were in from out of town). This was our one day that would work and I needed the weather to work with us too! Well, the first 25 minutes of the session was a down pour! We were shoveled inside and started to take some romantic shots on a little bench in a small hallway while the rain poured on and on. But by some miracle, the rain stopped!

I love the smell of the air after a good rain and not to mention the beautiful light that it leaves. We got to take the rest of Talana and Paul engagements in this fresh light. Although our feet may have gotten a little wet,  that didn’t damped the mood of this couple. They are full of constant laughter. I mean that literally! It was a blast hanging out with them and the rest of Talana’s family. Such great times.



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