Talana and Paul. Utah Wedding Photographer.

Everyone loves Talana and Paul. And I mean everyone, including me! From the minute you meet them, you are in for a ride of smiles and laughter! Not only are they funny, but they are so kind, genuine and real!  I remember meeting them for the first time for their engagement shoot, and it truly only took a few moment with Talana and Paul, before you felt like old friends.

It was such a thrill to celebrate with their friends and family on their big day. Talana was stunning in her very full tulle dress, and Paul was equally handsome in her brown pressed suit with gold cufflinks. They chose to do a first look the evening before at the site of their ceremony, which I was thrilled about! If you have any questions if a first look is a something you want to do, you can read about them here!  Most of their formal portraits below are actually from that session.

The reception was gorgeous, full of great food, and wonderful sentiments about the couple. There was dancing and SINGING by both the Bride and Groom. Talana and her Bridesmaids performed a special cover of “Call Me Maybe” to Paul, and in return he sang a Flight of the Conchords song. Both performances had the guest laughing and rolling. I am not kidding when I say these guys are full of personality and fun!

Talana and Paul, I feel so honored to help capture your wonderful wedding day! Best wishes to you in the future! I know you both will be unstoppable and will probably have a lot of good laughs along the way!

Wedding-3 Wedding-4Bridals-132Bridals-2I love rings with engravings in them, but I have never seen one with a hashtag in it! #foreverWedding-308And a few from their first look! Bridals-7Bridals-14Talana and Paul had the biggest smiles as they exited the Bountiful LDS temple after their ceremony!
Wedding-14 Wedding-19 Wedding-20 Wedding-24 Wedding-61 Wedding-93 Wedding-109 Wedding-126 Wedding-222 Bridals-38 Bridals-41 Bridals-61 Bridals-75 This is one of my very favorites! You two are so stunning!
Bridals-91 Bridals-99 Bridals-107 Bridals-141Wedding-291 Wedding-297 Wedding-305 Wedding-318 Wedding-347 Wedding-310 Wedding-324 Wedding-329 Wedding-440 Wedding-454 Wedding-507 Wedding-543 Wedding-562 Wedding-575 Wedding-584 Wedding-599 Wedding-612 Wedding-623 Wedding-626 Wedding-632 Wedding-653 Wedding-661 Wedding-670 Wedding-680 Wedding-699 Wedding-709 Wedding-727 Wedding-749 Wedding-765 Wedding-777 Wedding-779 Wedding-786



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