Tanith and Edward. Engaged

The sun is always shinning in the southwest. Ok, call me out, that might be a little bit of an exaggeration. Growing up in New Mexico, I know that even in the desert of the southwest you get gloomy days, rain and even shockingly snow. However take one look at this lovely late February engagement session and you realize that it is great to escape the inversion and winters chill that Northern Utah has.


Tanith and Edward are a charm! I love getting to know my brides as friends and love it even more when my friends become by brides! I have known Tanith for a LONG time! She has a tremendously fun family an a bunch of gal cousins that all act more like sisters than cousins (I secretly consider myself a sister and cousin along side these gals). And you might not even know this, but you have seen a few of her family on the blog before! (Aslyn, Brianna, Aubry….) I can’t tell you how much this makes me smile!

I knew Tanith and Edward had been dating for a while and it was only a matter of time before Edward decided to call dibs on his charming girl for forever.  Edward is a wonderful compliment to Tanith. He can make her laugh so easily, he is smart and a great handy man! I know this will save them tons of headaches when they have a home of their own with the joys of home ownership. 🙂

It was a treat to head out to the beautiful desert for a very southwestern engagement session. I adore sessions with a strong theme and these guys embraced it all! Boots, silver belt and you cannot forget Tanith’s turquoise jewelry! If you want to add a little something more to your sessions, really embrace a theme, style or look!

Engagements-003 Engagements-006 Engagements-011 Engagements-022 Engagements-030 Engagements-027 Engagements-041 Engagements-043 Engagements-051 Engagements-053 Engagements-058

This was by far the most difficult ring shot I have ever taken! I ended up stepping in one of the many cacti, prickled my finger, and was digging needles out of my boots for 2 days. But in all honesty, it was worth it!

Engagements-067 Engagements-075 Engagements-076 Engagements-082
This is one of my favorites from the whole day!

Engagements-087 Engagements-097 Engagements-099



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