You know it is Fall….

I feel like every year, there is a strange few weeks where I cannot decided if it is still summer, or if fall has finally announced itself. Fall is my favorite season. I love the changing colors and the crisper morning air that makes me want to go for a long run (which is saying a lot because it takes a lot of build up and listening to “Eye of the Tiger” to get me motivated to run). You feel fresher as a new start as school years open up with new goals and classes. Fall makes me want to go out and buy a bundle of freshly sharpen pencils and reach my inner artist, chef, athlete, and all around champion. Oh if everyday could be a fall day….

One of my favorite joys and signs of the changing season is when the grocery stores start to pull out Halloween candy. This is not because I am a big sugar addict, because I am not. But for some reason I have a strange attraction to Candy Corn. I can not eat more than 10 of them in a sitting because they are so sweet, but I always seem to go back to them. This year I was happy to try a new variation of my old time favorite white, yellow, and orange friend…. The Carmel Apple Candy Corn! These delectable treats taste more like fall than their original counterpart. It is a good thing that my husband does not share the love of candy corn because that means this bag belongs to me.