Aja + Taylor |Alpine Art Center Wedding

I remember meeting Aja and Taylor for the first time and thinking, wow, these two have got things together! They were so level headed in their wedding planning and the questions they had asked during our consultation. You could tell they not only had a vision for their wedding day, but for their marriage as well. They were on the same page about everything. I knew they had had consultations with several other photographers for their big day and I wondered if our styles would match to capture their well thought out day.

You can easily tell how much Taylor adores his new wife. From the beginning of their engagement session he went out of his way to do the little things for Aja. Open the car door for her, holding her hand in between poses and locations, and the little moments he would steal away between shots. Their wedding day was similar. Smiles were lit across their faces for the whole day as they celebrated with friends and family.

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Aja is a thoughtful bride and planned little details to make her day special. Her bouquet had a little broach with the letter “G” on it for the last name she now shares with Taylor.

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I love the view from Draper overlooking the Salt Lake Valley. It is beautiful.

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Their reception was held at the Alpine Arts Center. It was all lit up and decorated with greens and twinkle lights. The food was fit for a king’s feast. Aja got ready in the brides room with help from her Mom and sister. I love the sweet moments as a mother helps her daughter get ready as a bride.

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The Alpine Art Center was beautiful and the food looked like a feast for a king. Oh how I wish every meal I ate could be catered like this.

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Aja and Taylor choose to serve delicious Italian Sodas. Each member of the Bridal Party had a  flavor named after them. Aja, you are charming with those details!

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Congratulations to you both! I hope you enjoyed your honeymoon getaway to Park City and the adventure that will come in life! Aja, you were a beautiful bride and couldn’t have picked a more dashing and caring you man to spend you days with. I was thrilled to celebrate with you both!

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