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IT IS HERE! I can’t believe it is finished and today is the launch day! I have wanted a promotional video for Breanna McKendrick Photography for a long while now. It has been on the to-do list along with a slew of other “secret projects” that I have been working on. And I am so happy to say this project is finally getting crossed off the list and I can share it with you all!! THE PROMOTIONAL VIDEO IS HERE!

Promo video-001

Being a wedding photographer, I get the opportunity to work with wonderful videographers. It was easy to put together a list of videographers I would love to shoot a promo video with, but Ryan’s work has always stuck out among the rest. I met Ryan Hinman in January of 2013 when I second shot Brooke and Ben’s wedding with my friend Sami Jo. Not long into portrait pictures, we were engulfed in a winter blizzard. Sami, Ryan and I covered our cameras in rain sleeves and we shot as fast as we could while the wedding party shivered. To this day, that wedding still has the award for craziest weather. (But always a great example how even in crazy weather, you can get beautiful wedding day images!)

Ever since then, I have followed Ryan’s work. He is amazingly talented. I wish I would have known about him for my own wedding in 2011!! (I am still kicking myself for not hiring a videographer. So all you brides out there, learn from my mistake! Look for room in that budget for a videographer. You wont regret it.)

Yes, my emotions are close under my skin, but it is not uncommon for me to tear up while watching one of Ryan’s 3 minute wedding recap videos. Don’t believe me? Watch this and try not to cry. They are beautiful, special and priceless. (Should I say it again? Hire a videographer! Email Ryan and get him on your calendar.) You could imagine how ecstatic I was when Ryan was on board for shooting a promotional video for Breanna McKendrick Photography.

I knew I wanted something beautiful that could reflect my work and my brand. I wanted to let each of my brides know that I am there for you on their big day. No one else. 150% of all my time and attention is dedicated to making your day magical, memorable, and special.

So sit back, click on that full screen button, and enjoy the premier showing of Breanna McKendrick Photography’s Promotional Video!



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