Andrea and Jon. Engaged!

Utah is in THAT stage. The stage where all the snow has melted but few things have started to bloom. For the most part the trees are still bare and the ground is still brown. So what do you do when you go to take your engagements in this brown mess??  Sometimes it is just best to embrace it! Andrea and I had talked about various locations we could go to. I wasn’t feeling to inspired in my locations lately until I saw a photographer friend post about the reeds around Utah Lake.  I knew from a snapshot that I wanted to shoot there soon! Even though the nearby trees were not green yet, this place still look perfect! I sent Andrea a picture and fortunately she liked it!


Andrea is as sweet as pie and Jon treats her like a queen! Jon proposed to Andrea early February with a beautiful Morganite ring! I am a sucker for beautiful rings and this one blew me away! (Don’t worry, there are pictures if you scroll down a little more).

Engagements-023Engagements-005Engagements-013Engagements-039Engagements-043Engagements-047Engagements-063 Engagements-091Engagements-073 Engagements-087
See what I mean?!?!? Gorgeous!

Engagements-099 Engagements-103Engagements-101

I could have spent all night with these two in this light.

Engagements-115Engagements-119Engagements-113 Engagements-127 Engagements-139 Engagements-153 Engagements-159 Engagements-173 Engagements-223Engagements-181 Engagements-185 Engagements-203 Engagements-213

I am so thrilled that these two are doing a formal session and first look! It is going to be wonderful and spectacular session. But just a taste of how spectacular your wedding day will be.



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