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Welcome to the Newsletter! This has been in the works for just a little while now and I am excited to see it finally take off. But, I know what you are thinking. Not another email to clog up my inbox. I know how you feel. I have to keep going though my inbox to make sure I don’t miss something important amongst all of the “stuff”.  I want this newsletter to have information in it that you WANT to hear. I am not going to send you daily or even weekly emails to bug and pester you.

The purpose of the newsletter is to educate, inform, connect and inspire. I want to share with you things I have learned about photography, the wedding industry and business management. I want to help create a community that fosters learning that would benefit brides and photographers alike! The newsletter is just one step in that direction.

It is going to be a monthly goal. I know it is the end of March (ALREADY!) but you can still get this months letter. I talk a little bit about the great Loblee Bags (AND THERE IS A DISCOUNT CODE IN THERE FOR 15% OFF!!), give the first announcement of our 2014 Wedding Giveaway Winners, and a little bit about Desktop Organization for a better business workflow.

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There will always be a monthly Technical Tip or Business Brains to help encourage photographers and other creative professionals alike. These tips are in an inside look on how I run my business! Anything and everything is available to talk about. No topic goes unturned! I want to be an open book in sharing and teaching others around me. If it wasn’t for the generous mentors and teachers around me, I certainly wouldn’t be here today and I strongly believe in paying it forward to help the industry rise as a whole! I want to expand the teaching side of my business. (PS- More information on some great opportunities are in the works and will be announced first in the Newsletter!)

The newsletter will soon include a wedding series that will help educate brides on how to plan and prepare for their wedding day. Those little tips that I wish I would have known as a bride. Great vendors in the Utah area to book for your wedding, when to start planning all the way down to the little details that we often over look!

So if you want monthly tips to help spur your business or become more informed about the wedding day direct to your inbox, go ahead, click below!

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