Ashley and Jordan. Bountiful Groomals.


Groomals-10 Groomals-15 Groomals-17 Groomals-24 Groomals-33 Groomals-54 Groomals-60 Groomals-67 Groomals-75 Groomals-87 Groomals-94 Groomals-101 Groomals-110 Groomals-115 Groomals-137 Groomals-27 Groomals-148 Groomals-152 Groomals-165 Groomals-170 Groomals-176 Groomals-178 Groomals-180 Groomals-184

Ashley and Jordan are so ready to get married. I feel like everything else in their world has just drifted away besides each other  It is remarkable how little stress they feel. Even if there is a flood on their wedding day, as long as they get to say their “I Do’s” it will be a perfect day.



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