Jessie and Mark. Spring Salt Lake City Wedding.

Mark and Jessie-6315Mark and Jessie-5849 Mark and Jessie-5858 Mark and Jessie-5861Mark and Jessie-5876 Mark and Jessie-5853 Mark and Jessie-5905 Mark and Jessie-5917 Mark and Jessie-5961 Mark and Jessie-5980 Mark and Jessie-5984 Mark and Jessie-6019 Mark and Jessie-6042 Mark and Jessie-6313 Mark and Jessie-6022 Mark and Jessie-6037 Mark and Jessie-6086 Mark and Jessie-6176 Mark and Jessie-6207 Mark and Jessie-6225 Mark and Jessie-6133 Mark and Jessie-6122 Mark and Jessie-6270 Mark and Jessie-6288 Mark and Jessie-6267 Mark and Jessie-6389

This was the first wedding of the spring where the Salt Lake City temple grounds had their flower beds freshly drugged and packed with young growing flowers. I wish there was as way to be able to smell the air on this day while sitting here looking at these images all over again. The whole day was like something you read in novels. It was dewey with fresh watered flower, warm spring wind, and a groom gushing  to show off his new bride, never missing a moment to tell her that he loved her.  He was convinced he was the luckiest man that day, and as far as I am concerned, he was.  Congrats to Jessie and Mark. Wedding with Sami Jo Photography.



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