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Bridal Vintage Details-002__Breanna McKendrick Photography_Utah Wedding PhotographerI love the detail oriented bride! I have been at and photographed tons of weddings in the last 3 years and I can strongly attest that details of a wedding make a big difference. Those details help set apart your day and make your wedding completely unique. Details can help tie styles together and emphasize themes that will make your event stunning and memorable. They also take thought and preparations. From the table settings, to escort cards, chalkboard direction signs, stationary, dessert tables, etc. It takes time but contributes SO much to the feel of a day. For a truly spectacular event, think about the details that will leave your guest speechless and solidify your theme.

I know a lot of photographers complain about taking the time to photograph details, but  I truly find it relaxing and enjoying. I photograph details with a keen eye to help tell your story, emphasize your wedding day theme and colors.  Missing out on these photographs can leave a large part of your wedding planning by the wallflower wayside.

I wanted to share with you a stunning shoot that had all the elements of a detail oriented event as a little inspiration! The Photo Fete’s bridal boudoir garden party was beautiful. Their concept of a vintage bridal party echoed at every turn. At first sign you felt embraced by the quaint garden full of whimsy and charm. Without these details, it would be difficult to tell what see the vision of the theme.

These details do NOT need to be stressful and break the budget. So lets break this down a little bit.


The first thing your guest will see for your wedding day is the stationary! A lot about your theme can be told from your save the date or invitation.

Bridal Vintage Details-003__Breanna McKendrick Photography_Utah Wedding Photographer Bridal Vintage Details-027__Breanna McKendrick Photography_Utah Wedding PhotographerBridal Vintage Details-010__Breanna McKendrick Photography_Utah Wedding Photographer


Tables need a little dressing and I have yet to attend a wedding that does not have some sort of centerpieces. So what this tells me, brides everywhere are already thinking about centerpieces. So with a little more ump, you can turn your typical center flower arrangement into something that embraces your theme.

Bridal Vintage Details-024__Breanna McKendrick Photography_Utah Wedding PhotographerBridal Vintage Details-012__Breanna McKendrick Photography_Utah Wedding Photographer


Signs are a charming way to welcome your guests to your event. They can be simple to make and not very expensive at all. If you are not the DIY type and just want to find something, is the place to go! You can find direction signs, table seating signs, or a beautiful welcome sign. In fact, I think you could plan an entire wedding of details off of

Bridal Vintage Details-020__Breanna McKendrick Photography_Utah Wedding Photographer


Your guests will be eating something and sitting somewhere. A few little touches to your table setting can make the world of difference! These plates truly embrace the vintage garden theme. If you caterer has a limited selection of dishes to choose from,  you can look into other rental companies to provide more options or find ways to embrace your theme with menu cards, name cards and linens.

Bridal Vintage Details-014__Breanna McKendrick Photography_Utah Wedding PhotographerBridal Vintage Details-009__Breanna McKendrick Photography_Utah Wedding Photographer Bridal Vintage Details-013__Breanna McKendrick Photography_Utah Wedding PhotographerBridal Vintage Details-011__Breanna McKendrick Photography_Utah Wedding Photographer Bridal Vintage Details-015__Breanna McKendrick Photography_Utah Wedding Photographer


Styling | The Photo Fete 
Handmade Veils | Danani 
Stationary | Wildfield Paper Co. 
Pastries | Dolce Bella by Erin 
Florals | Indigo & Birch 

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