I was sitting in my apartment in Utah knowing that our move to Texas was coming soon. Moving has been an exciting journey for me and Breanna McKendrick Photography. It has forced me to stretch in new ways, find a new drive in my business and hustle! I was eager to hit the ground running […]

I love the detail oriented bride! I have been at and photographed tons of weddings in the last 3 years and I can strongly attest that details of a wedding make a big difference. Those details help set apart your day and make your wedding completely unique. Details can help tie styles together and emphasize […]

It is no mystery that this time of year is in short supply of green trees. Fall has faded and the snow is setting in! We are getting ready for the holidays and buckling down for some chilly months! So finding places to shoot that still have the beauty of outdoor natural light and a […]

If you are starting out in photography you will find yourself in uncharted territory on where to spend your hard (HARD) earned money. The list of things you need to start a photography business is overwhelming. You need a web domain, you need a website, you need the camera body, a few lenses, light equipment, […]

As a Bride, I knew I needed flowers for my bridal party. But beyond that I was a little clueless. I was in Utah planning a wedding and finishing up my last semester of school, my mother was in Texas and Trevor was in California working full time as an accountant. What is a Bride […]

The photography community in northern Utah is spectacular. I hear horror stories of young photographers trying to start in an area, but are snubbed out and excluded by all of the “experienced and established” photographers in the area. It becomes hard to learn, second shoot, and grow without a supportive community around you.  Some of […]

She leaned against the white 1950’s american classic car. Her dress was tight around her natural waist and the full skirt fell just below the knees. Standing next to her was a dashing young blonde man with his hair parted and combed just like Richie Cunningham from Happy Days.  I remember looking at this picture […]

I walked into Gateway Bridal and Prom with searching for the perfect dress. The rows of gowns spread from crisp white to cream ivories. Some of my favorite were the more trendy blush rose gowns. Each one looked like a gown for a different girl and personality. The beading and lace were delicate and curved […]

IT IS HERE! I can’t believe it is finished and today is the launch day! I have wanted a promotional video for Breanna McKendrick Photography for a long while now. It has been on the to-do list along with a slew of other “secret projects” that I have been working on. And I am so […]

It is Valentines. And I shoot couples in love. So I guess that means this day is almost like a wedding photographer national holiday? Debatable, but regardless of how you feel about buying flowers and chocolates today, sometimes it is better to just sit back and realize that most days all you need is love.