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I have loved getting to know Brittanie and Shaun. They are a couple that just seem to fit together seamlessly.  It might be that they have been together for 5+ years and truly know each other. It might be all of the little acts of love that they do so effortlessly.  Or it could be their joint passion to have fun and make their wedding celebrations exciting! Their wedding is one that I am really looking forward to! Just talking to these two about their wedding day, you can tell how much they want to plan a reception that will be fun and entertaining for their guests! A true celebration!

Shaun completely surprised Brittanie when he purposed. Yes, like most couples they had been talking about getting married, they knew it was coming. But it was the “when and the where” that completely took his bride to be off guard.

When you are <–this–> close to being engaged, you almost start speculating if everything little cute thing he does is leading up to THE question. You start thinking to yourself, “This is a nice date night, is tonight the night?”, “He brought me flowers for what seems like no reason at all, he is going to finally ask?”  It can be hard to truly make an engagement a surprise with a bride running with speculations like this!

So when Brittanie’s birthday came around, OF COURSE she will start to speculate if Shaun was going to purpose that day. But if you want the engagement to be a surprise, and you are planning on purposing on a birthday, then you better believe that you have to have a well thought out, well executed plan.

Everyone loves Brittanie! (Me included!) So it wasn’t hard for Shaun to round up some of her best friends at Benihana for dinner for a birthday dinner party! That is all this was going to be. A “Birthday Dinner”. Not even their friends that were gathered around knew how big this night was going to be.

Shaun had gone to the restaurant earlier that day to talk to the manager about his plan of purposing to Brittanie. He gave the manager the ring box and told him to bring it out after they ate. Brilliant idea too! Curious girls like Brittanie go to lengths to search for rings! Curious if she would get a ring from Shaun for her brithday, she even checked his pockets to see if he was carrying a ringbox! Good thing Shaun knows her well and planned ahead!

With no sign of a box, Brittanie told herself that the night was just going to be a fantastically fun birthday dinner. And that is the way the dinner went. Until the server came out with a sparking ring and caught everyone’s breath away. You can image the cheers that came from the restaurant when Shaun purposed. Their friends were close by were surprised, Brittanie was shocked, and everyone celebrated!

Engagements-001_WEB Engagements-003_WEB
I always love shooting at the Utah State Capitol but today was something special. It was bright and beautiful inside the rotunda even though outside was a dust storm!

Engagements-012_WEB Engagements-014_WEB Engagements-018_WEB
You two are looking ridiculously good!

Engagements-022_WEB Engagements-030_WEB
I think this is a new favorite angle from the capitol.

Engagements-033_WEB Engagements-038_WEB Engagements-040_WEB Engagements-057_WEB Engagements-062_WEB Engagements-064_WEB Engagements-072_WEB Engagements-073_WEB Engagements-081_WEB
One thing I love about the Capitol is that Memory Grove Park is so close that it is possible to have “two for one” session. Just down from Capitol Hill is the gorgeous park.

Engagements-092_WEB Engagements-109_WEB Engagements-111_WEB Engagements-113_WEB Engagements-120_WEB Engagements-148_WEB Engagements-161_WEB Engagements-162_WEB Engagements-168_WEB Engagements-170_WEB Engagements-179_WEB
Brittanie and Shaun, I feel honored to help celebrate this time in your lives. I can’t wait for your wedding day where you will get to seal the deal as husband and wife! Finally!

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