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As a Bride, I knew I needed flowers for my bridal party. But beyond that I was a little clueless. I was in Utah planning a wedding and finishing up my last semester of school, my mother was in Texas and Trevor was in California working full time as an accountant. What is a Bride to do when her mother and fiancé are more than a 16 hours drive away and planning a wedding??

Panic. That is what I did.

I ended up finding the flower shop that my family had used to order flowers for my grandmothers funeral a few years back. I should have known that a shop that makes funeral flowers might not be the best place to order wedding flowers. The only reason I went with this shop was because I had NO OTHER IDEA how to find florals. I wasn’t on Pinterest, I didn’t know what I wanted.

I walked in to my bridal appointment and told a young girl behind the counter my wedding colors of dark purple and mustard yellow. I am pretty sure this girl was working her after school job and somehow I was trusting her and this with my wedding flowers?

Luckily I had a bouquet that I didn’t hate, but I missed out on the experience that a artisan wedding florist could have provided me. I needed a wonderful wedding florist that could help to educate me on how flowers could make a difference for my day and what flowers were in season with my color palette.  I craved feeling like a bride while planning my wedding virtually alone and a specialized wedding florist could have done exactly that.

So today, I wanted to introduce to you all a dear friend of mine who is the florist I wish I had in 2011!

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Sarah Asay, with Blushing Rose Event Florals is incredibly talented. I spent an evening with her as she made a bridal bouquet full of beautiful garden roses, white dahlias, lavender roses and white lace ribbons.  I am stunned how she made this before my eyes. We started with buckets of beautiful long stemmed flowers and by the end of the evening a beautiful bouquet was sitting before me.

It takes a lot of time in creating a bouquet. And this is just ONE bouquet. For a wedding day there is a lot more work. You have boutonnieres, corsages, bridesmaids bouquets, bridal bouquet, cake flowers and table centerpieces. Often times there are flowers incorporated into a ceremony arch and backdrops. They add so much to a wedding day in regards to your style and themes!

Sarah is one of my preferred vendors that I love to work with. She is smart, easy to work with, insanely talented and understands the needs of a Bride! I love to recommend Blushing Rose Event Florals and know I can trust her to always deliver beautiful work.

As I watched her work I was able to ask her a few questions about herself and her business.

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Why did you want to get into flowers?
When I was a little girl I would watch my dad arrange flowers from our garden for my grandma. Not only did the arrangements add to the beauty of her home, but they made her feel special. I started my own floral design business when I realized that I can also use flowers to share love and happiness with others.

What is your background?
My background in horticulture plays a huge part into my role as a florist. It’s not just my love for flowers that sets me apart, but I’ve studied plants, I’ve cared for plants, I know how they grow, and I understand why they do the crazy things they do. Because of this, I know how to use each stem effectively in an arrangement, I know what your flowers will do in different venues, and I know why certain flowers and greens look good together.(Note from Breanna: Sarah and I talked a lot about her background that helped develop her creativity too. She has done more a lot to cultivate her creativity. She has dabbled in graphic design and is a great photographer herself! (Guys, she is good!) She has been actively involved in music from when she was little while playing the violin. I feel like she is full of creativity that is constantly finding new ways of expression and service. Sarah has a genuine heart to help serve others around her. Truly amazing and has a heart of gold.)

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How can florals add to a wedding experience?
It’s safe to say that fresh flowers evoke feelings of appreciation, love, and romance. Using flowers in your wedding decor adds that final touch of emotion to bring every part of your special day together. I love when brides go beyond just the bouquet and centerpieces by adding a fresh flower garland, floral crown, wreath, or any other floral accents; there are so many beautiful and creative things that can be done with flowers!

What do you love most in life/whats important to you?
Serving and loving others is one of the most important things in life. Again, that’s one reason I started doing flowers. I get such satisfaction from helping others feel special, beautiful, and loved through my job as a florist. I love to create and add beauty to the world while (hopefully) uplifting others. 

What inspires you?
A lot of my inspiration comes from nature. When you look at a field of wildflowers or a lush mountainside, the vegetation has no set pattern but it’s perfect.

How do you want your brides to feel on their wedding day?
I hope my brides feel that same, incredible, overwhelming love that I felt on my wedding day. I hope they soak in every moment and feel peace.


If you could change something about your wedding day, what would you change?
I would do a whole lot less DIY. Seriously, find vendors you trust and leave all the stress to them. (I AGREE 100% Sarah!)

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What is something unique about you?

Maiden name Rose. It’s kind of fitting 😉

What do you remember from your own wedding day?

The overwhelming feeling of love from my new husband and all our friends and family who celebrated with us that day.

Give us a glimpse into a “day in the life of Sarah”
A day in the life of Sarah is nothing too glamorous – I spend my days getting dirty and working in the greenhouse and my evenings are spent enjoying life with my husband. The days preparing for a wedding are full of the sweetest smells, the prettiest blooms, and the messiest floors. You get poked by a thorn every once in a while, but being a wedding florist has to be the loveliest job out there.
What is something you have been loving lately?
I’m loving Vampire Weekend right now – their Pandora station is almost always playing while I work.

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The painting on the left hangs in Sarah’s kitchen. Her father painted it for her. Which I love. And I adore.

Blushing Rose-156_WEB Blushing Rose-166_WEB
I was so thrilled to take Sarah and Kyle’s anniversary pictures this year! 6 out of the 10 images here are mine! AND I LOVE IT!

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To contact Sarah for your own wedding florals, contact her through her email: or check out her Facebook Page here! She is the perfect professional to add to your wedding day.


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