The holidays are here! It can be stressful finding that perfect gift for your sister, family, mother, or wife.  It takes me forever to schedule time to take professional photos of Trevor and I. Why? BEcause life gets busy and I totally get that! You might be feeling the same way too! So this year, […]

This wedding season has been a beautiful. I have loved my brides and groom, I love celebrating them with on their wedding day and seeing them in the anticipation of the big day during their engagement session. I love weddings and love being a wedding photographer. But it is a little refreshing to do something […]

“So where are you going to college?” “A school out in Georgia” “Wow- that is quite the drive from Utah. Which school?” “Georgia Military College” Jaw Drop.

I have been wanting to blog about our sunny Christmas Holiday for a month now! I was going through our pictures from the trip and I just don’t think our adventures can fit into one blog post! We split our time between families in Houston Texas and Los Angeles California. Both were beautiful and warm, […]

Jessie and Chase got up for this early morning shoot back in November and I have been waiting to share these images with you ever since. This session was shot with the beautiful Kristina of Kristina Bills Photography and we were lucky enough to have it featured on Le Magnifique Wedding Blog. Which is apart of […]

I always thought California was a little over rated until this last trip over New Years. Now, I see why people LOVE the place. When Utah was snowing with blizzards, snowy roads, and freezing temperatures, California was hanging strong in the 70’s!!!  We drove around LA with the sunroof open and blasting our music like […]

WOW! I am so impressed with this years giveaway! There were over 400 votes casted and after the final results were counted we have a clear winner! So if we could have a DRUM ROLL PLEASE……………  

TWO YEARS! It has been two whole years since all of my family has been together in one place.  With 2 parents,  5 siblings, 3 great brother/sister-in laws, and 6 nieces and nephews, spread out all over the western United States, it has been hard to pull ALL of us together  in one Zip Code.  […]

I truly love the Christmas season. I know we have already passed the 25th and Santa Claus already dropped off all the presents, but here in downtown SLC, the beautiful twinkling lights still stay on until new years! I really enjoy how the Christmas festive decorations linger just a little bit longer! A huge thanks […]

As a kid, I remember being so excited and so NERVOUS to meet Santa Claus! I would run through the list of things I want to ask for about a million times in my head while in line at the mall to see Santa, but it always seemed that the second I sat down on […]