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My parents moved to Houston Texas when I was away at college in Utah. I would joke with them about how they were moving to another country filled with cowboy pride and lone stars. Well, it was not until I came to visit the state itself that I realized that people LOVE Texas. Even just getting off the plane, you know you have arrived. (That might have to do with the statue of a cow in a NASA suit putting the Texas flag on what looks like the moon right in the middle of the airport… So Texas in so many ways.) The drive from the airport to my parents home is cluttered with lone stars on signs, underpasses, cars, billboards, logos, etc. This state is well branded! We wont even begin to count the Texas flags that are in those mega-huge car dealerships. I have never seen a sea of flags like that before.  So when Dana and I met we connected over Texas. We talked of southern BBQ, and the little that I know of Texas from visiting my family over the years and Dana’s experience of growing up in the heart of it all. (She has some fun stories of  pranks in the pastures and other ranch-like hooligan behavior).

Dana has a heart the size of Texas as well. She is a tremendous gal with a laugh that is contagious. So when Idaho raised Matt met this Texas gal, things just seemed to mesh. Together, I feel like these two have a lot of fun and playful banter. They are can champion any couple at “The Office” Trivia game, Trivial Pursuit, and  don’t even think you can beat them at “Scene It”. Matt has a movie collection that rivals the archives of Hollywood. But the greatest part of these two is their constant laughter. It was an easy engagement session of fun and I think their pictures show it!

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I love this so much. I have to say it is one of my favorites from the day!

Can we talk about Dana’s cute cowboy boots for a second? These are the boots were an engagement gift from Dana’s younger sister. They also happen to be the boots that Dana will be wearing under her Augusta Jones wedding gown in September.

Engagements-043 Engagements-115 Engagements-129 Engagements-139 Engagements-193 Engagements-205 Engagements-217

Dana and Matt are constantly teasing each other. I loved catching some really genuine moments of this banter. Like below. 🙂 Pretty sure Dana won this particular battle below.

Engagements-219 Engagements-227
Dana’s ring is fabulous. Matt knew he was looking for a princess cut, white gold ring. And without much more direction, he picked out this beauty. Well done Matt! It is gorgeous.

I love the sides of Dana’s ring too. There is so much little details that makes it sparkles with brilliance.

Engagements-239 Engagements-245 Engagements-253 Engagements-281Engagements-279 Engagements-291 Engagements-301 Engagements-313 Engagements-325 Engagements-329
Dana and Matt. I love our friendship and cannot wait for the day you guys tie the knot in September. It is going to be a beautiful day. I know life has its up and downs, but I do not doubt that together, the two of you will make it a brilliant adventure. Love you both.

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