Drive off into the sunset.

MotorcycleFinals-6MotorcycleFinals-4MotorcycleFinals-7 MotorcycleFinals-15 MotorcycleFinals-22 MotorcycleFinals-25 MotorcycleFinals-26MotorcycleFinals-40MotorcycleFinals-60MotorcycleFinals-58MotorcycleFinals-65Motorcycle-47FinalsMotorcycleFinals-30MotorcycleFinals-35MotorcycleFinals-39MotorcycleFinals-32MotorcycleFinals-73MotorcycleFinals-77MotorcycleFinals-78MotorcycleFinals-76 MotorcycleFinals-82 MotorcycleFinals-90Looking through these images makes me want a motorcycle, and BAD. My dad had one when I was in high school, and even now when I go home to Texas, a long ride on the back of the motorcycle is always on the top of the to do list. So when my great friend Elyse Alexandria Photography told me about a shoot she was planning with a motorcycle, I knew it would be amazing. These guys were great as we made them stay into the night to catch the beautiful city lights of Salt Lake City.  I fall in love with the landscape of Utah more and more. Now, I think I am on my way to Harley-Davidson.



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