Happy 4th of July | Hippie Shoot-Out

Happy Fourth of July everyone! This might be one of my favorite holiday right after christmas and my birthday. And yes, I do consider my birthday a holiday just for me. But really, the 4th of July by far has the best weather of any of the holidays…. people are out and about with grills hot of delicious BBQ and cheery laughter and fireworks might just be the single best idea that China ever came up with. This day is spectacular!

When I was thinking about what to post for the 4th, I realized that last summer, my photographer friend Amy Cloud Photography  had hosted a fun Hippie themed wedding shoot-out that I never blogged! I have been selfishly keeping these fun images all to myself!  Shame on me because Amy is full of a lot of great ideas and she is a master creator. I enjoy these shoots and the challenge to stretch outside of my comfort zone, shoot something completely new to me. It gets me to think a little bit more about why I am shooting, where and how I use the light, and just relax and have fun shooting!

Reflecting on this country we call home and sharing with generations of rich history, we celebrate the spirit of the 4th of July. Maybe this patriotic engagement session could have blended in with those celebrating in 1965. America had just embraced Lyndon B. Johnson in his second term of presidency, The Sound of Music was in it premiere, and the Vietnam War create controversy and division among its citizens. The legacy of America is a roller coaster of a ride. I enjoy learning about it. I enjoy celebrating it. I enjoy being apart of it. Happy Birthday America.

Forth of July-2

Forth of July-3

Forth of July-4

Forth of July-5

Forth of July-7

Forth of July-17

Forth of July-19

Forth of July-21

Forth of July-22

Forth of July-23Forth of July-9

Forth of July-25

Forth of July-28

Forth of July-29

Forth of July-30

Forth of July-34Forth of July-31Forth of July-33Forth of July-35

Forth of July-40Forth of July-36Forth of July-11

Hair: Moore Hair Design
Makeup: Make It Cosmetics
Flowers: The Petal Coop
Dress: Vintage
Photo Styling: Amy Cloud Photography

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