Big Announcement | Wedding Day Assistants!

Wedding Day Assistants
I have been blown away with how much Breanna McKendrick Photography has grown. I have loved getting to know my brides and celebrating with them. I am convinced that they are the sweetest, most sincere, and down right stunning brides in the world!

I have always wanted to give 150% to each of my brides on their wedding day. I do everything I can to make sure they get the BEST possible image that I can physically produce.

I realize this year, that I am able to do so much more when I have a wedding day assistant to be an extra set of hands and eyes for me!  I need someone to pay attention to details and help with gear and lighting so the day flows with ease.  So, Breanna McKendrick Photography is officially on the search for WEDDING DAY ASSISTANTS!

As an assistant, you will be asked to help:
– exchanging lenses
– managing my gear bag
– hold reflectors
– adjusting wedding gowns, getting details together, etc
– help gather family for pictures
– holding off camera flash lighting during darker receptions
– if able, shooting when needed

All assistants will be paid hourly. Wedding days are “Game Day”.  It is hard work and can come with lighting or weather challenges. But it is also tremendously rewarding to help capture the intimate moments of someone’s wedding. I am convinced it is the best job in the world!

Depending on your availability and my current bookings, you may be contacted to help several times a month, or just once. We can find a good balance that will work for both of us.

If you are interested in being a wedding day assistant, click below to fill out the contact and availability form, or email me at

Contact and Availability Form

I look forward from hearing from you!

Breanna McKendrick Photography is based out of SLC, Utah. All assistants must be available to provide their own travel to Salt Lake County or Utah County. Any destinations outside of this area will be handled individually.

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