Jackie Kennedy | Bridal Inspired Shoot

She leaned against the white 1950’s american classic car. Her dress was tight around her natural waist and the full skirt fell just below the knees. Standing next to her was a dashing young blonde man with his hair parted and combed just like Richie Cunningham from Happy Days.  I remember looking at this picture when I was young, thinking that my grandparents were a GOOD LOOKING couple! I am little jealous of how how classic they were as newlyweds and spurred a small love affair I have with the 1960’s.  One of these days I am going to have to ask my grandparents for a copy of that picture that sits in a frame in their RV next to the garage. That picture is how I always want to remember them. The newlywed couple with their new car with all the excitement of life ahead of them.

If I could pick a decade to choose to live in, the 1960’s might be it. I think how fun it would have been to live where Beatlemania was taking off,  Twiggy was ever popular with her doe eyes, and Audrey Hepburn was staring as Holly Golightly and Eliza Doolittle.  The decade is not complete with proper homage to Jackie Kennedy. She was beautiful, classic, and captivated the American people. She has been one of the most popular and one of the youngest first ladies this country had. The country celebrated the birth of her son in the white house, and mourned with her as they saw her life turn upside down after the assassination of her husband. Strong, beautiful, and inspiring. Jackie Kennedy has been an icon for the ages.

I have always wanted to do a bridal shoot inspired from Jackie Kennedy. I loved looking through the old images of Jackie as a bride on her wedding day and wanted to create a similar feeling with a more modern touch.

This shoot was put together by several wonderful vendors in the Salt Lake Valley. The cake was to die for. Jennifer Hill from Salt Cake City wanted to make something that really referenced Jackie Kennedy. The folded layers of marshmallow fondant mimicked the folded layers on Jackie’s original silk taffeta Ann Lowe gown. It was a thoughtful detail that made this cake all the more beautiful.

Jackie-003 Jackie-005Jackie-042 Jackie-007 Jackie-011 Jackie-014 Jackie-017 Jackie-027Jackie-023Jackie-030Jackie-022Jackie-032 Jackie-040 Jackie-045 Jackie-046
This shoot has so many aspects that are modern and on trend for today’s bride but still reference the 1960’s so well. As far as I can tell Jackie’s original dress was a solid white dress but todays current trends lean towards the softer ivory’s and the more daring brides have a touch of light colors in their gowns. I love photographing an ivory gown. The subtle touch of ivory compliments a wider variety of skin tones and flatters a brides natural complexion. Ivory dresses are also much easier to photograph. The cream color of the gown helps to capture shadow and light better so ever little detail of the dress is seen.

Jackie-059Jackie-099 Jackie-065Jackie-043 Jackie-075

Hair and Makeup: Keara Wright
Model: Tara Tangaro
Flowers: Blushing Rose Event Floral
Cake: Salt Cake City
Gown: Danielle’s Bridal

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