Kelli and Andy


It’s not every day you are swept away on a surprise 24 hour trip to New York City during Christmas…

I sat listening to Kelli and Andy jointly tell their proposal story and it felt like I was listening to a lifetime movie plot line.

Imagine taking time off of work to go to a wedding before Christmas, you have a few extra days off and all of a sudden your boyfriend lets you know to keep your bags packed because this one-stop trip, just became a two-stop trip.

Kelli and Andy were bound for NYC. The whole city was decorated for Christmas with lights, holiday decorated store fronts, and the hustle and bustle of Ner Yorkers getting Christmas shopping done. Time square, the Christmas tree at Rockafeller Center.  The whole place just drips with magic and holiday romance.

They started the day off with with a jog together in Central Park. Running has become something they do together and have run tons of races together. Half Marathons, Marathons, 10K’s, you name it. They have done them all. Now, imagine spending the rest of the day walking around the sites and enjoying the time together.  Andy was taking pictures of the two of them and video clips during the small moments and big moments. Nothing too out of the ordinary for a trip together I assume.

In the afternoon, they got dressed up and jumped in a cab to dinner with a skyline view.  After dinner they scuttled over to Broadway to see Aladdin followed by walking around Time Square at night and Rockefeller Center to watch people ice skating and see the Christmas tree.

Now if I was Kelli I would think it is safe to say I would have my suspicion! Talk about romantic moment after romantic moment coming and going with no sign of a ring.

I can only imagine as the night ended and how they described as the moment before they went back to the hotel. They had just grabbed some good NYC street vendor food as a late night snack and Kelli has signed off that they had a magical weekend , but not expecting a proposal. Then Andy gets them a horse drawn carriage and proposes.

And in case you didn’t think it could get any better, remember those videos and pictures Andy had been collecting all day? He combined them all into a video that they have shared with friends and family. It was like watching a short time lapse that captured all the little moments of the day. From the clip of them jogging together to Kelli falling asleep on the subway, and to their proposal itself (filmed by the carriage driver).

Insert hearts melting.

Kelli and Andy showed me the video during our booking consultation and I just wanted to melt into my Chai Latte. I literally felt like I was there!  Now we are just two weeks away from their wedding and I can’t wait. I feel so lucky to get to document more beautiful moments for these two.

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