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In the last year of business I have spent my time and energy into ways to give my Brides and Grooms a beautiful experience. This has included going to workshops and learning from some of the industries greatest. It has included spending some hard elbow grease time into developing my website into a easy to use, throughly branded, and pretty online home, AND creating these beautiful PERSONALIZED client sites!

Client Sites

These sites serve as the “home base” for my Brides and Grooms to view and share their images! The best part about them is that they are so simple to use!

For each Bride and Groom, I create a custom domain name for their personalized site.

(For example, )

On this page, you have beautiful images from your day scrolling through and three simple buttons to lead you to see a bit more.


1. SEE THEIR BLOG POST: This will take you the couples blog post where I wrote about their day. You can see the connections I build with my clients, hear about the little moments and details that made their wedding unique and beautiful along with beautiful images to snapshot the whole day.  It is hard to tire from reading about your wedding day.

2. VIEW THEIR GALLERY: This link is one of the major factors that pushed me to make personalized client sites! I remember when I was married, my wedding photographer sent me beautiful disks of images straight to my new address and I oohed and ahhed over them for days! But I was living over 1400 miles from my mother and 700 miles from my mother-in-law who I am sure wanted to see them too. But as busy as life was, I did not get around to burning a disk for them until a year and a half AFTER we were married!

I wanted something simple for Brides and Grooms to share their images with friends and family who are eagerly waiting to see images from the day almost just as much as the couple! Just share your personalized link and worry about it no longer!

Client Site2
If you or mom wants to download an image to your computer, EASY!  This page displays your images beautifully as you scroll through your gallery or click to view an image larger. You can place affordable print orders straight from the site, download the images to your computer, or share an image to Facebook.

3. Last but not least… MEET THE PHOTOGRAPHER: I wanted to include a place where your friends and family and meet me. If they have any questions about the site, accessing images, etc, I want to make a place that makes myself accessibly to answer any and all of their questions! This link takes you straight to my about page on my website.

I love the way these sites have evolved into a hub for my Brides and Grooms. I love how easy it is to share with family members, post images, relive your wedding day, etc. I give the link I create to the Bride and Groom, and they in turn can share it with whomever they want. I still give a DVD/Flash Drive to each couple as a hard copy and something tangible to hold onto, but these sites have become the main access point for your whole Wedding Experience with Breanna McKendrick Photography.



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