The Beautiful Bling. Engagement Rings.

Haley and Daryn-254

There is tons of advice I could give a bride for her wedding day! I feel like there are a million topics I could cover from dresses to details that are often overlooked (that may be a blog post here in the future)…. but today’s simple advice is on that brilliant shining gem sitting on your left ring finger!

Although rings have their trends just as weddings do, (can you tell halo’s are BIG right now?) each one is still very unique and special to each couple.  Whenever I shoot a wedding, I always steal away for a few minutes to take a picture of your rings.  They are a beautiful symbol of eternity and your love for your spouse.

Because I love these shots so much, I have even bought a specific lens  JUST for my ring and detail shots! I literally use this lens almost exclusively for this part of your day! The lens is a 100mm 2.8L Macro for all you photographers out there!  This is how much I want to make these shots perfect for you, to show off your rock!

ringIMG_6110-Edit-Edit IMG_6981-Edit
Most jewelers have a small sonic wash cleaner that only takes a few minutes to shake out dust and give it a good polish. Planning a head to stop by the day before the wedding to shine up your ring will make it sparkle all the better in your pictures! 


I love a colored gem. Check out this beautiful light blue Aquamarine.

IMG_0732-EditIMG_7794-EditEngagement-102Haley and Daryn-254Chelsea and Camillo-265
Flowers, centerpieces, stone walls, all make for brilliant places to photograph your rings. So if you see me crouching very close to a bush, table or flowers, chances are there is a ring near by!

Ring2Haley and Daryn-255Ring3Ring4Ring5Kaitlin and Austin-228 Ring6 Ring7
I love that gold is coming back. I think it is so classy and beautiful!

Wedding-262Workshop-33Workshop-34Wedding-282Meldrum Family-1-2
One of these rings happens to be my own. 🙂 I took a picture of it tonight just for the fun of it. I still love it so very much! Feel free to guess which one it is in the comments below!



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