I am guilty of seeing what old friends are up to on facebook, instagram, etc, but struggle to have “real” conversations and physically meeting up! As we have all gotten older, these get togethers takes planning and scheduling, etc. and gets really hard sometimes to make the time! Little did I know that one of […]

This amazing family is full with a tremendous amount of laughter. I mean really.  Just a few short hours around them and you realize your face muscles are getting sore from smiling. Nancy and Willie have one terrific crew of boys, and with all those boys I feel like there is never a dull moment around their […]

Paul and Julie have a fun crew! With their kids and their adorable dog Bridger, we were able to have some good times taking pictures at Rotary Glen Park in Salt Lake City. The girls were sporting some fantastic shoes and handled them like olympic champions as I dragged them around the park. What a […]