Finally Warming Up. Spring Themed Shoot.

Themed Shoot-9862
Themed Shoot-9857Themed Shoot-9848 Themed Shoot-9893 Themed Shoot-9920 Themed Shoot-9954 Themed Shoot-9982 Themed Shoot-9996Themed Shoot-9878 Themed Shoot-9900Themed Shoot-9886 Themed Shoot-9844 Themed Shoot-0024

I can not begin to tell you how excited I am for spring to officially make it’s entrance. Utah weather is notorious for keeping us all on our toes. One week you think it is summer, the next week, a foot of snow will drop. But I think the warmer weather is finally starting to settle in! What doesn’t say spring like a beautiful bride with a beautiful coral crown and little chicks so young and fluffy?

Session with Lora Grady Photography
Floral: Lauren Hickman
Hair and Makeup: Eden Culverwell
Dress: Caitlin Mortensen





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