Glamorous Lighting. Exercise in Creativity.

A cement wall, a cozy chair, and some dramatic lighting might be all you need to create a really editorial look.

Sounds simple right? Well, to be honest it *may* take a little more than that. There are a lot of things to think about when taking a picture. On top of all the technical details with my settings (which could be a blog post all on its own), I try and think about my composition and creativity. Creative playing in new techniques really builds up health and character as a photographer. I truly enjoy staying on my toes and exploring new avenues of photography. It brings experience and knowledge to each session and wedding I shoot. The time invested in these session really pay back in experience ten-fold.

This shoot was put together by Lens Blossom Photography. Thanks to the stunning pair who posed for us.

Models: Hailey Spung and Michael Peterson
Hair and Make-up Artist: Cali Lyman Stott

This is just part one! Stay tuned for more.

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