Photographer Headshot Swap. Utah Wedding Photographer.

Photography is one of the interesting careers that although you work with people, you typically do not have co-workers and people to talk to regularly. I find that I  spend more time alone than with the beautiful people I get to photograph!  Sometimes this gets a little lonely and depressing, especially the days where you are inside all day editing! 

I have been fortunate to be apart of a few amazing photography networks within Salt Lake and Utah County. These gals and guys within the groups have become my photography co-workers! We talk all things photography! We discuss amazing locations in Utah, help problem solve issues that arrive as small business owners, share a mutual dread for our business taxes, and drool over amazing images together in ways only photographers do. It fills such a social itch when we get together and see each other in person and build better relationships.

This last week, I met up with a few of these amazing photographers (and videographer) for a head shot swap. It is so refreshing to relate with other business owners who face the same struggles as I do and share the same passion in photography. I wanted to share with you a little of our night. Check out these beautiful girls work! They are so talented.


This is the adorable Krissi Cook with Krissi Cook Films . I have worked with her on a few projects in the past and think she is one of the kindest gals I have ever met. Truly beautiful inside and out!
Headshots-3 Headshots-7 Headshots-1

I have wanted to meet Amber Lynn with Amber Lynn Photography in person for a while now. I am so sad she is moving from Utah to beautiful (and warm) California so soon! If you are out on the West Coast, this is your gal! Headshots-20Headshots-22 Headshots-23

I was so sad to only have one image of Kristina Bills! She had to head out shortly after I arrived. But even with one shot, isnt she a doll? Headshots-29

This stud happens to be my great Brother-In-Law Dave. He is the lucky guy married to the best older sister around! Glad that I have another photographer in the family to geek out with over the latest camera gear! Headshots-35 Headshots-36

A few more from out playful evening!Headshots-47Headshots-52

And yes, even one of yours truly. Me!


Krissi Cook did a great job putting together this short film. I really love it and wish I knew about her when I got married for my wedding videography!

Headshot Swap from Krissi Cook on Vimeo.



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