This last weekend was the first open house for one of the newest wedding venues in the Houston, Texas area. The Farmhouse. All of Houston has been buzzing about this all white barn in little Montgomery. And for good reason! This venue might be on of the most beautiful venues I have seen in the […]

Planning a wedding has a lot of juggling parts. So when you are also engaged at the same time as your best friend, it makes it easier to plan the details together! I met Shannon and Sorelle for coffee as we talked about each of their individual wedding day plans. Shannon talked about how they […]

As a kid, it was a common family vacation to pack the car and drive from our home in New Mexico to Denver to visit my Dad’s brother and his family. My siblings and my cousins in Denver were around the same age and we got to see ourselves grow up and go through high […]

Today,  I have the same feelings that I had before every new school year.  I have the urge to deep clean, organize my closet once again (which is color coordinated), toss out things that I don’t use that burdens me down, set new goals and strive a little harder to be a better, a little […]

Am I safe to say that this year has flown by surprisingly fast? In a blink of an eye we are in October and wedding season in Texas might be at its peak. I am already booking weddings from October 2017 and thinking of how different life has been for Trevor and I since the […]

It’s not every day you are swept away on a surprise 24 hour trip to New York City during Christmas… I sat listening to Kelli and Andy jointly tell their proposal story and it felt like I was listening to a lifetime movie plot line. Imagine taking time off of work to go to a wedding before […]