IT IS HERE! I can’t believe it is finished and today is the launch day! I have wanted a promotional video for Breanna McKendrick Photography for a long while now. It has been on the to-do list along with a slew of other “secret projects” that I have been working on. And I am so […]

April has been a busy month as we have started to gear up for the busy wedding season! It is coming in with full force and I have been so delighted with my wonderful 2014 Brides and Grooms. I am blessed to be apart of their lives and overjoyed to share with them in this […]

Over the last year, I have really started to pay attention to what I call the “details” of my business.  Details that will give each and everyone of my brides a beautiful wedding experience that they deserve. So, I set out this year looking to update my packaging to match my branding. I created custom Client […]

Welcome to the Newsletter! This has been in the works for just a little while now and I am excited to see it finally take off. But, I know what you are thinking. Not another email to clog up my inbox. I know how you feel. I have to keep going though my inbox to make […]

This giveaway has been in the works for a long time now and I couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that it is finally here!

Finding the perfect camera bag is HARD. There are tons of options out there. You use your bags for different things. Sometimes you need it to be a bag to hold all your gear through an airport. Sometimes you need it just to hold a few lenses for an engagement session. Sometimes you want to […]

I have been asked a few times what lenses I love to bring with me for a wedding. Wedding photography keeps you on your toes and you need a supply of trust lenses to help you cover the day! But before I show you inside my favorite lenses, I have to say this. There is […]

In the last year of business I have spent my time and energy into ways to give my Brides and Grooms a beautiful experience. This has included going to workshops and learning from some of the industries greatest. It has included spending some hard elbow grease time into developing my website into a easy to […]

There is tons of advice I could give a bride for her wedding day! I feel like there are a million topics I could cover from dresses to details that are often overlooked (that may be a blog post here in the future)…. but today’s simple advice is on that brilliant shining gem sitting on […]

WOW! I am so impressed with this years giveaway! There were over 400 votes casted and after the final results were counted we have a clear winner! So if we could have a DRUM ROLL PLEASE……………