The main ingredient to any beautiful photograph is beautiful LIGHT!  I feel like I should climb up on my little photographer’s soap box and begin a sermon here. *Climb* Ahem. Lets begin. Lighting is master. You might think what makes you a wonderful photographer is knowing how to pose or having that great Thinktank bag […]

If you are starting out in photography you will find yourself in uncharted territory on where to spend your hard (HARD) earned money. The list of things you need to start a photography business is overwhelming. You need a web domain, you need a website, you need the camera body, a few lenses, light equipment, […]

I have been blown away with how much Breanna McKendrick Photography has grown. I have loved getting to know my brides and celebrating with them. I am convinced that they are the sweetest, most sincere, and down right stunning brides in the world! I have always wanted to give 150% to each of my brides […]

To be honest, the idea of an engagement session is a little strange. You book a photographer and meet at your engagement session as strangers. You are asked to cuddle and smooch in front of a camera. You have no idea what the pictures will look like. You are nervous and self-conscious. Sounds like a recipe for fun, right? The […]

IT IS HERE! I can’t believe it is finished and today is the launch day! I have wanted a promotional video for Breanna McKendrick Photography for a long while now. It has been on the to-do list along with a slew of other “secret projects” that I have been working on. And I am so […]

April has been a busy month as we have started to gear up for the busy wedding season! It is coming in with full force and I have been so delighted with my wonderful 2014 Brides and Grooms. I am blessed to be apart of their lives and overjoyed to share with them in this […]